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Highway safety is often compromised by the negligence of semi-truck, 18-wheelers and bus owners. Contrary to most small automobile accidents, trucking and bus accidents often result in life altering and sometimes life-ending consequences. Riff Law Firm has considerable experience protecting the interests of persons or estates injured or killed in these crashes.

If you have suffered serious injuries in an auto, trucking or bus accident, hiring an experienced, qualified attorney is an important decision. Todd Riff has 29 years of experience in handling vehicular accidents and is a board certified personal injury trial lawyer.
Todd Riff has strong academic credentials, decades of litigation experience, and a stellar reputation within the legal community. He and his team understand communication is important to any relationship, and as a result, they work closely with their clients from the beginning of the case to the end in order to best meet expectations and goals.


Construction Accidents

Construction worksites are dangerous places. You have workers, equipment and machines all moving about while each contractor is trying to complete its assigned task. All too often, accidents happen.

Drilling Rig Accidents

Many people work offshore on oil rigs and platforms in the Gulf of Mexico, Houston Ship Channel, Port of Houston, and Galveston Bay. Others work onshore throughout the state of Texas. When safety is compromised, serious injuries can occur.

Refinery Accidents

Refineries provide a beneficial service to the community at large and a number of employment opportunities. Refineries are not problem-free. When those operating the refineries cut corners, it dangers not only the refinery workers, but also residents living nearby.

Aviation Accidents

Aviation accidents occur more frequently than they should. Pilot error, mechanical malfunction, negligence and defective aircraft designs contribute to often fatal accidents.

Premises Liability

Business owners and operators have a duty to ensure that their premises are safe for the customers and invited guests who will be coming onto the property.

Remington Litigation

There have been countless reports of Remington's bolt-action rifles and even some of thier shotguns firing without a trigger pull. The results are often catastrophic. The Riff Law Firm has been prosecuting civil cases against Remington since 2010.

Defective and Dangerous Products

Product manufacturers are obligated to protect the consumers who use their products in the manner those products were intended to be used. When they do not, The Riff law Firm holds them accountable.

Business Litigation

When business relationships are formed, it is assumed that they will be amicable, and the hope is that they will be profitable. Such is not always the case.

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